Planning applications are discussed at the main Parish Council meeting or a separate Parish Council meeting if more that 5 applications are received. The role of the Parish Council is to supply comments and observations based on their knowledge of the village. They also take into account comments and observations from residents. This information is then forwarded to North East Lincolnshire Council who uses this information in the granting or refusal of the planning applications.

All Planning applications ending WAB, include Waltham, Ashby Cum Fenby and Brigsley. Planning Applications ending WOB are for Barnolby Le Beck. Ashby Cum Fenby applications are not considered by Waltham Parish Council, and some of Brigsley's and Barnolby Le Beck's may be considered due to them bordering onto the village.

Full details (including plans) of all planning applications within the Parish are available below and you can access full details of each planning application by clicking on the Planning Application Number. Alternatively, copies of the plans can be viewed at the Parish Office Monday – Friday mornings 10.00am – 12 noon or at the Parish Council Meeting by prior arrangement with the Clerk.

Please note that you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to read or print the planning documents. If you don't have the reader you can download it here

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App. No. Location Description
DM/1009/13/FUL 84 Cheapside Waltham Erect two storey extension to side and erect single storey extension to rear with alterations
DM/0994/13/FUL 11 Coral Drive Waltham Convert loft and install side dormer with alterations
DM/0976/13/FUL 23 Archer Road Waltham Erect dormer roof extension to front
DM/0923/13/FUL 21 Grimsby Road Waltham Relocate existing garage and erect two storey extension to rear
DM/0942/13/FUL Oak Lodge Grove Lane Waltham Erect single storey extension to rear with alterations
DM/0873/13/FUL Grove Farm Station Road Waltham The refurbishment of existing stables and 11 no. new stables to develop a livery business and the refurbishment of an existing barn to form a Live/Work house, incorporating an office to manage the livery business and a new car port
DM/0891/13/FUL 'Highgate' Cheapside Waltham Form new vehicular highway access with gates
DM/0890/13/FUL Miniature Railway Waltham Windmill Brigsley Road Waltham Increase length of existing miniature railway (approx 290m), extend the existing tunnel (approx 13) and construct canopy over existing station area. Create small 'garden gauge' railway and erect notice board at main site entrance
DC/822/13/WAB 20 Station Road Waltham Proposed garden room extension and demolition of existing conservatory.
DC/805/13/WAB Station Road (Land At) Waltham Erection of wooden stables & store
DC/779/13/WAB 18 Station Road Waltham Demolish existing conservatory & erect single storey extension with chimney to rear
DC/774/13/WAB Thoroughfare Farm Ashby-cum-Fenby Erection of stable and two storey tack room
DC/814/13/WAB 20A Barnoldby Road Waltham Non Material Amendment following grant of application DC/590/13/WAB (Erect double garage to rear) to reduce the width of the garage from 8.2m to 6m
DC/772/13/WAB 59 Cheapside Waltham Outline application to demolish existing commercial building & erect three dwellings
DC/776/13/WAB 61 Westfield Road 'Rosemount' Waltham Retrospective application to install window to the side
DC/822/13/WAB 20 Station Road Waltham Demolish existing conservatory and erect single storey extension to rear
DC/634/13/WAB Cheapside (Mount Royal) Waltham Erect first floor extension to dwelling & replace existing detached garage with two storey detached garage
DC/683/13/WAB 31 Brigsley Road (R/O) Waltham Variation of Condition 3 attached to planning permission DC/851/12/WAB to remove hawthorne tree to the south western corner of the site
DC/699/13/WAB Waltham Road (Land at Ellesmere House) Brigsley Erect three dormer bungalows & detached garages with associated boundary treatments & landscaping
DC/714/13/WAB 54 Fairway Waltham Erect single storey extension to rear
DC/482A/13/WAB Golf Course Lane (land north of) Waltham Details in discharge of Conditions 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9 pusuant to DC/482/13/WAB
DC/725/13/WAB 20 Golf Course Lane Waltham Erect two storey extension to side with alterations
DC/626/13/WAB 66 Cheapside (Adjacent to) Waltham Outline Planning Permission with some matters reserved - Erection of detached house and garage
DC/590/13/WAB 20A Barnoldby Road Waltham Erect double garage to rear
DC/537/13/WAB 14 Chestnut Road Waltham Creation of car port with extension & alterations at first floor, single story extension to rear and roof lift
DC/533/13/WAB 27 Elsham Drive Waltham Demolish existing precast concrete double garage & erect masonry double garage
DC/396/13/WAB Main Road Waterdell Brigsley Retrospective application to erect a shed to rear
DC/7A/13/WAB Brigsley Road (Moorhouse Farm) Ashby cum Fenby Details in Discharge of Conditions 3 (Plan Details), 4 (Materials) & 6 (Ecology) pursuant to DC/7/13/WAB
DC/482/13/WAB Golf Course Lane (land north of) Waltham Erection of 3 detached dwellings including garages, associated access & landscaping
DC/469/13/WAB Station Road (Plot 10) Waltham Non Material Amendment following grant of application DC/629/00/WOL (erection of 6 dwellings and 3 double detached garages) - Alterations to windows, doors and garage
DC/461/13/WAB 39 Brigsley Road (r/o) Waltham Proposed detached dwelling with integral garage
DC/249A/13/WAB 54 Bradley Road Waltham Details in Discharge of Condition 2 (Drainage) & Conditions 3 & 4 (Landscaping) pursuant to DC/249/13/WAB
DC/121A/13/WAB 95 High Street Waltham Details in discharge of conditions 4 (new planting), 6 (tree work), 7 (details of excavation work near trees), 8 (fencing to protect trees), 9 (wheel cleaning) and 10 (drainage details), pursuant to application DC/121/13/WAB
DC/379/13/WAB 49 Ings Lane Waltham Construction of 3 dormer windows to front of dwelling and extend 2 existing rear dormer windows to form a single large dormer
DC/378/13/WAB 27 Danesfield Avenue Waltham Conservatory extension to rear of existing property
DC/357/13/WAB Waltham Road (Mushroom Farm, Strands) Brigsley Demolition of existing detached bungalow, proposed residential development of 6 units within new build barn and 1 detached residence. Hard paved vehicular access and parking with associated boundary treatment and landscaping.
DC/348/13/WOL Waltham Road (R/O Willow House) Barnoldby le Beck Erect dormer bungalow & integral garage with associated access, boundary treatments & landscaping
DC/341/13/WAB Ashby Lane (The Grange, Now Hall Farm) Ashby Cum Fenby Removal of Condition 2 (Agricultural Occupancy) attached to planning application 08/1344/76
DC/327/13/WAB 38 Ings Lane Waltham Erect single storey extension to side
DC/301/13/WAB 50 Brigsley Road Waltham Extend roof with dormer to rear and erect single storey extension and bay windows to front with alterations
DC/294/13/WAB Barnoldby Road (Ross Hall - Waltham Royal British Legion) Waltham Variation of condition 5 attached to planning permission DC/638/06/WAB, to allow tables and seating to be placed on paved area to front entrance of Ross Hall.
DC/364A/11/WAB Main Road (Land off Ash Lane) Ashby cum Fenby Details in Discharge of Conditions 4 (Drainage Details) & 6 (Landscaping) pursuant to DC/364/11/WAB
DC/213/13/WAB Cheapside Waltham Windmill Golf Club Waltham Demolition of existing pro shop, new ground floor extension providing enlarged pro shop and members spike room
DC/84/13/WAB 15 Church Lane Waltham Conservation Area Consent to demolish and reconstruct boundary wall
DC/214/13/WAB 29A Kirkgate Waltham Erect detached garage & carport
DC/233/13/WAB 15 The Drive Waltham Conversion of loft including dormers to front and rear
DC/249/13/WAB 54 Bradley Road Waltham Remove existing conifer hedge to create new vehicle access including turning area and drop kerb
DC/39/13/WAB Grimsby Road & Station Road (land at) Waltham Installation of 2 CCTV cameras on posts 15mtrs in height
DC/38/13/WAB Mount Pleasant (Land at) Sports Pavillion Waltham Installation of 2 CCTV cameras on posts 15mtrs in height
DC/166/13/WAB 133 Fairway Waltham Erect single storey extension to rear
DC/71/13/WAB Louth Road (Waltham House) New Waltham Erect a single storey & first floor extension to existing residential home with internal alterations
DC/130/13/WAB Waltham Road (Heywood) Brigsley Remove existing conservatory, alterations and erect single storey extension to rear
DC/128/13/WAB 14 Summerfield Avenue Waltham Erect a two storey extension to side to form a first floor bedroom with access below and a single storey and a two storey extension to rear to form a sun room and larger bedroom
DC/124/13/WAB R/O 31 Brigsley Road Waltham Removal of condition 2, 3, 4 & 7 pursuant to outline application DC/926/12/WAB to demolish existing building and erect two houses
DC/121/13/WAB 95 High Street (rear of) Waltham Erect 2 detached dwellings with garaging
DC/105/13/WAB 86 Cheapside Waltham Retrospective application to erect a conservatory to rear
DC/104/13/WAB Barton Street (Willow Lakes) Ashby cum Fenby Erect nine holiday cabins with vehicle parking in association with the existing commercial lake
DC/855/12/WAB Chapel Lane (Wold Rise) Ashby cum Fenby Maple and Sycamore trees - Crown reduce back to previous reduction ends, cutting back to viable growth points.
DC/73/13/WAB 5 Ings Lane Waltham Erection of a detached garage
DC/941/12/WAB 117 Barnoldby Road (Land adj) Waltham Variation of Condition 2 & 16 attached to application DC/721/08/WAB to remove the requirement for a bus stop and footway to the front.
DC/759/12/WAB Ashby Hill (The Stable) Ashby Cum Fenby Certificate of Lawfulness of existing use for mobile home and container
DC/7/13/WAB Moorhouse Farm Brigsley Road Ashby cum Fenby Erection of store and change of use of agricultural building to facilitate an educational classroom with ancillary kitchen, toilet and associated parking (amendment to DC-268-12-WAB) - Amended design & layout - using amended plans dated 20th February 2013

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