Planning applications are discussed at the main Parish Council meeting or a separate Parish Council meeting if more that 5 applications are received. The role of the Parish Council is to supply comments and observations based on their knowledge of the village. They also take into account comments and observations from residents. This information is then forwarded to North East Lincolnshire Council who uses this information in the granting or refusal of the planning applications.

All Planning applications ending WAB, include Waltham, Ashby Cum Fenby and Brigsley. Planning Applications ending WOB are for Barnolby Le Beck. Ashby Cum Fenby applications are not considered by Waltham Parish Council, and some of Brigsley's and Barnolby Le Beck's may be considered due to them bordering onto the village.

Full details (including plans) of all planning applications within the Parish are available below and you can access full details of each planning application by clicking on the Planning Application Number. Alternatively, copies of the plans can be viewed at the Parish Office Monday – Friday mornings 10.00am – 12 noon or at the Parish Council Meeting by prior arrangement with the Clerk.

Please note that you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to read or print the planning documents. If you don't have the reader you can download it here

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Location Details
Grove Nurseries, Grove Lane, Waltham DM/0820/15/FUL | Variation of Condition 1 (Approved Plans) & 2 (Opening) granted on application DM/0678/14/REM (Reserved matters pursuant to DC/761/11/WAB for the erection of one bungalow with means of access, layout, scale and appearance to be considered) to
6 Ascot Road, Waltham DM/0800/15/FUL | Alterations and conversion to part of lounge into garage with first floor extension above. | 6 Ascot Road Waltham Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0EG
Bridge House, Ings Lane, Waltham DM/0740/15/FUL | Demolish existing garage and erect single storey double garage (amendment to previously approved application DC/351/07/WAB) | Bridge House Ings Lane Waltham Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0HB
29 Kirkgate, Waltham DM/0598/15/FUL | Demolish existing rear extension, erect two storey extension, demolish existing shed and replace with detached garage | 29 Kirkgate Waltham Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0LP
Low Farm, Bradley Road, Bradley DM/0483/15/FUL | Installation of a 21MW solar photovoltaic (PV) development including ancillary development, landscaping & temporary access to site during construction | Low Farm Bradley Road Bradley Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0AL
The Tilted Barrel, Kirkgate, Waltham DM/0566/15/FUL | Erect single storey extension to restaurant side of public house including external decked area with new access ramp & other alterations | The Tilted Barrel Kirkgate Waltham Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0LS
32 Briglsey Road, Waltham DM/0671/15/FUL | Extend height of existing 2m fence to 2.6m to side/rear | 32 Brigsley Road Waltham Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0JY
43 Danesfield Avenue, Waltham DM/0745/15/FUL | Erect two storey side extension to include bedroom with en-suite and car port below | 43 Danesfield Avenue Waltham Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0PZ
12 Lytham Drive, Waltham DM/0321/15/FUL | Demolish existing garage & erect single storey extension to side & bay gable window to rear | 12 Lytham Drive Waltham Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0DG
39 High Street, Waltham DM/0312/15/FUL | Partial change of use from retail shop and store to restaurant | 39 High Street Waltham Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0LJ
33 Marian Way, Waltham DM/0227/15/FUL | Erect single storey extension to rear and two storey extension to side with alterations | 33 Marian Way Waltham Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0XW
15 Chadwell Springs, Waltham DM/0185/15/FUL | Erection of a single storey extension to the rear, new bay window and porch to the front and new pitched roof over existing rear extension, along with internal alterations. | 15 Chadwell Springs Waltham Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0U
7 Grove Lane, Waltham DM/0169/15/FUL | Sun lounge extension to rear, porch extension to front, add pitched roof to garage and side store and remove car port | 7 Grove Lane Waltham Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0HD
Windsor, Waltham Road, Barnoldby le Beck DM/0136/15/FUL | Demolish existing timber garage and replace with detached brick garage, alterations, first floor extension to rear and construction of chimney. | Windsor Waltham Road Barnoldby Le Beck Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0DS
R/O Helsenor, Cheapside, Waltham DM/0053/15/OUT | Outline application to demolish existing, barns, stables & garage/workshop, erect three detached dwellings with associated driveways, vehicular access & erect garage to existing bungalow with all matters reserved | R/O Helsenor Cheapside Walt
60 Cheapside, Waltham DM/0017/15/FUL | Lift roof and install dormers and rooflights to front and rear to create additional living accommodation | 60 Cheapside Waltham Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0HW

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