Planning applications are discussed at the main Parish Council meeting or a separate Parish Council meeting if more that 5 applications are received. The role of the Parish Council is to supply comments and observations based on their knowledge of the village. They also take into account comments and observations from residents. This information is then forwarded to North East Lincolnshire Council who uses this information in the granting or refusal of the planning applications.

All Planning applications ending WAB, include Waltham, Ashby Cum Fenby and Brigsley. Planning Applications ending WOB are for Barnolby Le Beck. Ashby Cum Fenby applications are not considered by Waltham Parish Council, and some of Brigsley's and Barnolby Le Beck's may be considered due to them bordering onto the village.

Full details (including plans) of all planning applications within the Parish are available below and you can access full details of each planning application by clicking on the Planning Application Number. Alternatively, copies of the plans can be viewed at the Parish Office Monday – Friday mornings 10.00am – 12 noon or at the Parish Council Meeting by prior arrangement with the Clerk.

Please note that you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to read or print the planning documents. If you don't have the reader you can download it here

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Location Details
Land at Golf Course Lane, Waltham

DM/0919/14/CND | Details In Discharge of Conditions 1 (Time Period), 2 (Approved Plans), 3 (Culverting Works) pursuant to DM/0231/14/FUL (Culverting of existing ditch in connection with ongoing residential development) | Land At Golf Course Lane Waltham North

16 Woodhall Drive, Waltham

DM/0882/14/FUL | Erect detached single storey garage to rear | 16 Woodhall Drive Waltham Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0UP

Land at Golf Course Lane, Waltham

DM/0861/14/CND | Details in Discharge of Conditions 3 (External Materials), 4 (Landscaping), 6 (Surface Water Disposal) & 9 (Private Drive Construction Detail) pursuant to DM/1082/13/FUL (Erection of 3 dwellings with associated boundary works and access in ac

38 New Road, Waltham

DM/0745/14/FUL | Erect single storey rear extension | 38 New Road Waltham Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0EN

58 Brigsley Road, Waltham

DM/0622/14/FUL | Erect two storey extension to side and rear and replace entrance porch to front | 58 Brigsley Road Waltham Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0LA

1 Cheesemans Lane, Waltham

DM/0606/14/FUL | Proposed store room addition to existing single garage | 1 Cheesemans Lane Waltham Grimsby North East Lincolnshire DN37 0EP

Land at Station Road, Waltham

DM/0502/14/FUL | Erection of 51 dwellings including garages, vehicular access, landscaping & attenuation ponds | Land Off Station Road Waltham North East Lincolnshire

R/o 95 High Street

DM/0441/14/FUL | Variation of Conditions 12 granted on planning application DC/121/13/WAB (Erect 2 detached dwellings with garaging) to change attached garage to additional living space, omit window to south east elevation & reposition to north east elevation

Land at Station Road, Waltham

DM/0483/14/CND | Details in Discharge of Condition 3 (Surface Water Drainage), pursuant to application DC/805/13/WAB Erection of wooden stables & store and use of land for the keeping of horses. | Station Road (Land At) Waltham Grimsby North East Lincolnshire

22 Elsham Drive, Waltham

DM/0477/14/CND | Details in Discharge of Condition 3 (Materials) pursuant to DM/0121/14/FUL (Erect two storey extension to rear, single storey extension to side and first floor extension to front with alterations) | 22 Elsham Drive Waltham Grimsby North East

16 Church Lane, Waltham

DM/0422/14/CND | Details in discharge of Condition 3 (External Materials) pursuant to application DC/690/12/WAB (Two storey extension to rear of existing detached house and pitched roof to existing dormer window) | 16 Church Lane Waltham Grimsby North East Li

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