Councillor M A Archer
50 Skinners Lane Waltham DN37 OEU
DPI - Martin Arthur Archer

Vice Chairman:
Councillor P Woodliff
16 Mill View Waltham DN37 OHJ
DPI - Peter William Woodliff


Councillor A Archer
50 Skinners Lane Waltham DN37 OEU
DPI - Alec Arthur Archer

Councillor R Barrett
23 Brigsley Road Waltham DN37 OJX
DPI - Raymond Barrett

Councillor Mrs J Bean
25 The Drive Waltham DN37 OFB
DPI - Jacqueline Frances Bean

Councillor C Clayton
99a Brigsley Road Waltham DN37 OLB
DPI - Colin Henry Clayton

Councillor M J Dewires
6 Greenway Waltham DN37 OHS
DPI - Mark Dewires

Councillor Bill Frisby
14 Penney Mews
DN37 0YS
DPI - Winston Charles Frisby

Councillor Mr P Greenfield
11 Mill View, Waltham  DN37 0HJ
DPI - Philip Charles Greenfield

Councillor Mrs K D Shaw
5 Greenway Waltham DN37 OHS
DPI - Kay Shaw

Councillor Mrs P Surtees
41 Grove Lane Waltham DN37 OHD
DPI - Paula Suzzanne Surtees

Councillor B Taylor
26 Brigsley Road, Waltham DN37 0JY
DPI - Brian Taylor

Councillor P Teanby
7 Church Lane Waltham DN37 OES
DPI - Paul Alexander Teanby

Councillor Nancy Evans
59 Cheapside Waltham DN37 0HE
DPI - Nancy Elizabeth Evans

Councillor Mrs Lesley Charlesworth-Browne
3 Home Paddock, Waltham. DN37 0JH
DPI - Lesley Charlesworth-Browne

Ward Councillors

Councillor Iain Colquhoun
01472 827648 

Councillor Philip Jackson
01472 823740

Ian and Philip hold Ward Surgeries at Waltham Library on the second Saturday in each month from 10.30am to 11.30am. No appointment is necessary.

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